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Pierrine Group is a network of sister companies focused on Real Estate, Human Capital Development and Marketing Strategy Consulting.

Each company is highly specialised and innovative leader within its respective business sector.

  • Pierrine Consulting is a specialist marketing research and strategy firm with solid focus on growth for its clientele.
  • Pierrine Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm with property development for discerning customers
  • Pierrine Equip is a human capital development firm with partners from around the globe

Our Companies

Pierrine Consulting

Pierrine Consulting is a specialist marketing research & strategy firm with a strong focus on helping clients achieve desired business results.

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Pierrine Real Estate

Pierrine real estate is one of the fastest growing real estate companies. Our business is built on innovation ensuring we exceed expectations.

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Pierrine Equip

We spend time listening to our clients in order to co-create customized trainings geared towards developing excellent human capital.

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