The Nigerian Entertainment industry has come a long way and witnessed tremendous growth in the last two decades. It was calculated to contribute 2.3% of the national GDP in 2016 and its projected to gross over $1 billion dollars by 2020, as contained a recently released Economic Recovery and Growth plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

However, a number of the dynamics and current engagements within the industry lack empirical support compared to other markets like the US.

Aside audience based voting and heavy investments in Public Relations by music and movie artistes; is there an objective data based analysis of the real performance and growth potential of these artistes? How do brands and advertising practitioners select celebs (music and movie) to use for brand endorsements and as brand ambassadors? How do we know the real popularity of celebs aside social media paparazzi and Public Relations stunts? What is the real ‘Return on Investment’ on use of celebs to drive brand consumption and usage across specific product categories? Which celebs have the potential to grow within the industry?

Pierrine Consulting, a Lagos based marketing research and strategy firm recently released an empirical based report providing scorecards and tools for stakeholders within the Nigerian Entertainment space.  The CEO of this innovative and forward looking firm, Seyi Adeoye (popularly called SA) explained that the report is targeted at providing the following answers and inputs to drive the following:

  1. Brand custodians’ intelligent use of celeb as brand ambassadors or endorsers
  2. Detailed analysis for brand custodians as to which celebs best fit their brands’ image + specific marketing objectives, which in turn would inform activation decisions that will unlock the full potential of such investments (ROI)
  3. A Framework based Realistic evaluation of Celebs’ Clout and real impact on brands’ awareness scores, affinity   and usage/consumption of brands endorsed/represented
  4. Diagnostic view (SCORECARDS) of Celebs for Talent Management/PR firms
  5. Strategic positioning and Image management for Celebs

The report is dimensioned into 3 broad parts: A section focused on Mind Share, Market Acceptance and Favourite Ranking of Celebs (by key demographics and category usage), another section focused on ‘Real’ Perception diagnostics of the different celebs and Understanding of Celeb-Brand Fit and lastly a section dedicated to providing detailed analysis on the ‘Real’ Value of Celeb as regards brand endorsements. This last section is underpinned by a robust analytical Celeb Clout Framework to unpack the value of celebs to brands within the Nigerian market via awareness, likability and consumption impact on brands.

Seyi explained that best in class frameworks and analytics were deployed for the 2017 report and this was intentionally delayed till now to allow for rigorous validation processes of the findings. He explained that the 2018 edition is being worked on at the moment.

He went further to outline some of the frameworks used.

Speaking about insights from the 2017 report which is dimensioned by Total Market, the 6 Geo Political Zones + Lagos, gender, age brackets and product category usage; he highlighted the following:

  1. Top 5 favourite artistes of Nigerians are Tubaba, Davido, Olamide, Wizkid and Psquare. Davido was the most listened to artiste in 2017 and is officially a national brand now. Olamide led the list of favourite artistes among 18-24 y.o Nigerians, while Tekno along with Adam Zango and Abulazeez Fada were top favourites for Kano residents. Interestingly Bauchi is open, with Tubaba, Adam Zango, Davido, Solomon Lange and PSquare listed as top 5 favourites
  2. Top 5 favourite actors are Funke Akindele, Ali Nuhu, Adekola Odunlade, Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo.Ali Nuhu is loved mostly by males, aged 18-34 y.o across all socio economic groupings and understandably a significant celeb for northern Nigerians
  3. Utilizing Pierrine’s Celeb Equity Framework, a limited number of Nigerian celebs have positive brand equity ratings i.e. loved beyond current collection of creative work and visibility.Tubaba is the most loved artiste, followed closely by Psquare, Davido, Olamide and Wizkid. However, Psquare and Patience Ozokwor are the only artistes that are loved beyond their current collection of creative works.
  4. The ability of Nigerian celebs to radically impact fans’ purchase or consumption of brands they endorse is still low at less than 50% Clout Weight (unlike in other markets where celebs have considerable influence of fans’ purchase or consumption behaviour)

Pierrine Consulting is excited about the possibilities and the potential of the report to radically shape how talent managers handle their artistes, how brand custodians select celebs to use for their different brands and lastly, how artistes can future proof their careers using empirical data; beyond publicity stunts or use of publicists.

The 2017 full report and datasets are available while the 2018 industry report will be released in February 2019.

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